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webpage updated: Sun 20 Apr 2014

theme: The Magic of the Theatre

photo: Sarah Scott

This year’s theme celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring with our tribute to the Theatre – originating in the rituals and ceremonies of ancient Egypt, theatre has developed to the many forms and varieties seen in London’s West End today which include Shakepeare’s plays, Ballet, Musicals and Cabaret.

Special guests are coming over from Rio de Janeiro to appear in our parade:

Wantuir Tavares,
singer of GRES Portela will sing for us

Mestre Esteves,
Mestre de Bateria of
GRES Alegria da Zona Sul

Lucinha Nobre,
Porta Bandeira of
GRES Mocidade

Ana Paula Evangelista,
Queen of the Bateria of GRES Mocidade

Nelcimar Pires,
Highlight of
GRES Salgueiro

Cristiano Morato,
Highlight of
GRES União da Ilha

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