carnival costumes 2003
webpage updated: Tue 05 Jul 2022
Comissão de Frente costume

Comissão de Frente
They represent Exus and Pomba Giras who are the messengers of the orix?s. Traditionally, this group perform highly synchronised choreography and our dancers will also be creating their unique routine.

Porta Bandeira costume

Porta Bandeira
The Porta Bandeira - our Queen - carries our flag with pride and moves gracefully in a classical style. She will represent the orix? Ians? who rules over the winds and tempests.

Mestre Sala costume

Mestre Sala
The Mestre Sala is our King and the partner of the Porta Bandeira. He dances in a complementary graceful and classical style, paying her homage. He will represent Xang? the lord of lightning who is married to Ians?. He lives in a castle of fire in the

Xingu costume

Ala Xingu
Representing the flora and fauna of Brazil this ala reminds the audience of the natural resources of Brazil which need to be preserved. They will be portraying the Caboclos, spirits of the ancient Indians and those of mixed blood that inhabit Brazil, g

Brasil costume

Ala Brasil
They will represent the daughters and sons of the orix?s ? mediums who receive the orix?s on earth in Candombl? and Umbanda ceremonies.

Passista (female) costume

Ala Passista (female)
The Passistas are the 'fast and furious' dancers of traditional Samba with strong and dynamic movements. Female Passistas will represent the daughters of the waters, orix?s of water, rain, rivers, lagoons, lakes and waterfalls ? Oxum, Yemanj?, and Nan?

Passista (male) costume

Ala Passista (male)
The Passistas are the 'fast and furious' dancers of traditional Samba with strong and dynamic movements. Male Passistas will represent fishermen who pray to Yemanj? for bountiful catches and safe passage on water.

Carioquinha costume

Ala Carioquinha
Carioquinhas are the natives of Rio where Samba was born. Drawing on the folklore of Afro Brazilian cultures the Ala Carioquinha will represent messengers from heaven, bringing peace and love to all at the carnival.

Bateria costume

Ala de Bateria
The costume of the Bateria (percussion band) will represent the Influences of Africa in Brazil.

Mirim costume

Ala Mirim
The costume of the Children's Ala will be little Baianas, the women who spin in big hooped skirts. They will represent the orix?s Er?s the appearance of St Cosme and St Dami?o as children.

Baiana costume

Ala de Baiana
The Baianas' costume is in a very typical Rio style - a large hooped skirt that comes to life when they spin around to the chorus of the enredo, the samba school's specially commissioned song. They represent the annual ceremony of 'Lavagem do nosso Se