carnival costumes 2009
webpage updated: Wed 26 Jan 2022
Xingu costume
Xingu costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala Xingu
The pavement bars and cafes of Rio ... where the real business gets done.

president: Julie Benoit

Comissão de Frente costume
Comissão de Frente costume photo: Eli Coory

Comissão de Frente
The energy that drives the people, that fills the famous Rio beaches.

Brasil costume
Brasil costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala Brasil
Old Rio

president: Martine Henry

Passista (male) costume
Passista (male) costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala Passista (male)
The Malandros da Lapa are the Bohemian characters who inhabit the Lapa district of Rio - they live for fun and pleasure.

president: Luke Howard

Passista (female) costume

Ala Passista (female)

president: Maite Oliveira

Baiana costume
Baiana costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala de Baiana
The famous design of the pavements of Copacabana.

Arengueiros costume
Arengueiros costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala Arengueiros
A tribute to Mangueira - one of Rio's most famous samba schools - Paraiso's "godmother" and the school of which our President has been a passista (principle dancer) for decades.

president: Jayeola Disu

Deixa falar costume
Deixa falar costume photo: Eli Coory

Deixa falar
Football - Samba's competition as the most passionate pastime of Rio's people.

president: Amanda Peck

Bateria costume

Ala de Bateria
The dapper Brazilian parrot created by Disney as a friend of Donald Duck during WW2.

president: Damien Manning

Carioquinha costume
Carioquinha costume photo: Eli Coory

Ala Carioquinha

president: Patricia Day