Donation: Grenfell Tower Kids @ Carnival

Donation: Grenfell Tower Kids @ Carnival



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Kids on the Green is a volunteer led project in the Latimer Road area of W London which was struck by the Grenfell Tower fire. It is hard to over-estimate the impact this traumatic event has had on the local area, particularly on young people and their families. Aside from witnessing horrific things on the night of the fire, practically all the children of the area have lost teachers, friends and relatives. No young person can easily process losing even one key person in their life, an entire geographical area is processing this grief simultaneously right now. The effect radiates far beyond ‘ground-zero’. Kids on the Green has been running since a week after the fire and provides a calm green space for families to come and play, talk and begin to heal. Musicians, artists circus performers are present to run workshops with the children. Psychotherapists and healing therapists are also based within the project to help, in particular the parents who are holding it together for their families, to process the grief and anger and relieve the post-traumatic stress they are suffering. In the wake of this disaster an astonishing community togetherness has arisen. In respect to this inspirational human response, Paraiso Samba School is commissioning a float for about 16 children to ride at the Notting Hill Carnival this year. The float will be decorated with a Phoenix and as a metaphor for the power of celebratory gatherings to transform grief and tragedy into beauty and wisdom. Your donation will help to fund getting the families to, from and around carnival safely ... fed, watered and put into fabulous bejewelled, winged costumes. This will cost around £60 per child and we need to raise £1,000. If we raise more, then the remainder will be used to fund a legacy project with a similar group of young people.
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